Episode 1: How I Make Synthetic Wigs Look Less Wiggy & More Natural

My wig series is finally here to help my audience know more about wigs and how to wear them. I don't consider myself an expert but I find that many of my followers appreciate how I wear my wigs. Despite the countless times I give step by step instructions, or recommend other videos of girls demonstrating the same steps, people are still not confident it will look how my wigs look. I'm here to show you it's really as easy as I say it is! Of course practice makes perfect, but you have no reason to shy away from simply putting on a wig and making it look how you desire. There's always a science to the slay, so quit doubting yourself and grab a wig!

Link to this wig: Liana Wig  


1. If there's lace, cut it

If you bought a lace front wig the first step is to cut off the lace! Since we're specifically talking about synthetic wigs for now, you want to cut along the hairline of the wig. You want to avoid cutting too much hair off the wig that's attached to the lace.

2. Putting the wig on

It's time to put on your wig, make sure your hair is as flat as it can be! If your wig comes with adjustable straps (they look just like the ones that come with bathing suits or bras) then adjust them to your liking so that your wig fits snug on your head. Some wigs come with or without combs inside as well to help secure your wig to your head. I recently stopped using the wig combs towards the front of the wig due to them thinning out my edges. So be gentle with putting on and taking off your wigs.

3. The parting space

Most, if not all synthetic lace front wigs come with parting space. Since these wigs are much cheaper than human hair wigs, the parting space will most likely need some work. If you're experienced in customizing your wigs (tweezing hairline, bleaching knots etc.) have at it! If not, my quick trick is to take a concealer brush and a concealer that matches my skin tone, and apply it onto the part that the wig already has. You may also use powder. In the video I add some lash glue to my hairline and apply pressure to it as I place the lace part over it. This helps with keeping the wig from sliding.

4. Edges

It's important to tend to unkept edges in order to help make your wig look more natural. Unless the texture of the wig matches your own hair texture, I always like to gel down my edges when wearing my wigs. A few "swooppies" along the hairline usually does the trick and gives a more polished look.

5. The fun part, bring your wig to life

This is my favorite part about styling my wigs. Most synthetic wigs have an unrealistic sheen and look to it, to get rid of that wiggy look I pretty much break up the curls. For this particular wig I finger combed the curls to fluff up and lengthen the hair until I was pleased with how it looked. I always say a little frizz is what helps wigs look more natural. Many people don't achieve the look they're going for with wigs because they're reluctant to really comb it out and give it character. Whilst being cautious, I finger combed this wig making sure I got the amount of frizz and volume that I wanted without going overboard. Even if you do go overboard, many synthetic wigs can be restyled with flat irons, curling wands and other styling tools, so don't freak out!

6. Finishing touches, make it YOUR hair

This is where you make the finishing touches to your wig and personalize it even further. You may want more layers or want bangs on your wig and decide to cut the hair to get your desired look (if you want an episode on how I cut my wigs comment below). You might restyle the wig completely by straightening or curling the wig to your liking. I was pretty much pleased with this wig though it was a tad puffy at the top which you'll see often with synthetic lace front wigs. So to flatten the top of my head I simply pressed my curling iron down on the wig to flatten it out. 

Congrats! You now have the knowledge to slay a curly synthetic wig. Now you can confidently invest in a wig without worrying that you can't make it work for you. It's your hair (cause you bought it sis) and you should be wearing your wigs not letting your wigs wear you! As I mentioned before, practice makes perfect, you will get better at making your wigs look natural as you continue to wear them. Don't be discouraged if your application isn't flawless the first time or even the first 10 times. I wasn't a pro with my first wig and I still make mistakes, so try your best to shoot for progress and have fun with it.

Thank you for watching my first episode of my wig series! Give me your suggestions on the what the next episode should be in the comments ✨