Where are you from?



What is your ethnicity?

I am African American and my ethnicity is Belizean.


How did you start modeling?

I don't consider myself a legitimate model since I don't belong to a modeling agency. Modeling clothes for companies or just outfits I created myself is a hobby of mine. Though I would love to see what the modeling world is like one day.


How did you get into makeup?

I started watching makeup tutorials in the 8th grade and began experimenting with makeup from then. I wasn't always good at applying makeup but I gained skill from practicing over the years. Everyone does makeup in their own way and everyone gains skill at their own pace. I'm not a makeup artist nor am I studying cosmetology. I just love and appreciate the art of makeup. It is my passion, it is my armor.

What do you study?

I'm currently studying journalism and media communication.

How long have you been natural

I've never permed or straightened my hair, but I've experienced breakage a few times which has altered my natural hair journey. So you can say I've been natural all my life.